Jan 05, 2021

January Featured Maker - Linda H.

Old Red 

We have received so many great creations from everyone. It's amazing to see the difference in all the work and how someone can take something and make it their own. There was one submission that really caught our eyes, and because of that, we decided that our January Featured Maker is Linda H. with "Old Red". See for yourself below!

I am an avid quilter (and a musician) and have been following Nancy Zieman for a long time. I am a "truck girl" - my dream vehicle was a red Ford F-150 - and I have been driving one for 22 years! When I saw Laura Heine's Old Blue truck collage pattern, I knew I had to make it and that instead of blue, like hers, my truck had to be red. It was my first attempt at collage quilting and it was a great, fun project! 

My mom was a Home Ec teacher and taught me how to sew at a young age. She always encouraged me to try new things and the most important thing I learned from her is "don't be afraid to try!" Sometimes a project looks a bit overwhelming and I don't know where to start, especially in collage quilting. But I found that if I just dig in and get going, the overwhelming feeling goes away and the fun takes over. And a major piece of advice - always read the directions (for patterns, fusible web, interfacing, pressing, etc.)!

I really enjoy making small arty wall quilts from photos or children's drawings and also doing pet portraits. I bought a longarm machine at Nancy's Sewing weekend in 2017 and am totally enjoying using that as well as my BabyLock sewing/embroidery domestic machine. I am a member of a couple Block of the Month Clubs as well, so I am never at a loss for projects!

I think one of the best things I've discovered for quilting is before binding a quilt, serge around the edge using fusible thread in the lower looper. Then, sew the binding to the top as usual and when pressing to the back side, the fusible thread holds it, eliminating the need for pins. However, if you don't have a serger,
Wonder Clips
are fabulous for holding the binding in place and they don't stick your fingers!

I think the tools I use most from Nancy's Notions are the No Hassle Triangle Gauge and the 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge, although I have many more that I use. Having the right tools makes a project much easier!


  • Mary Lou BenzJan 06, 2021

    These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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