Feb 2, 2021

February Featured Maker - Gina K.

Queen of People's Hearts

2021 has been great so far. So many people have submitted their work to be featured and we are hoping in the future to be able to share more. We truly enjoy seeing what everyone is working on or has created: not just sewing related, but your creations in general. Our February Featured Maker, Gina K., has created an amazing piece called "Queen of People's Hearts". Let's check it out!

My name is Gina. I am a quilter and a cancer survivor!

I've been making quilts for 10 years... WOW, that's still hard for me to believe! Almost everything I know when it comes to sewing and quilting, I owe to all the online tutorials out there on the world wide web (mainly blogs and YouTube). The only thing I was taught in person was paper piecing, which a quilter friend took the time to teach me about 6 years ago.

When it comes to creating, I always love a good challenge, so last year I decided to try my hand at the Princess Diana Cherrywood Challenge. I bought the required Cherrywood fabrics with an idea already coming to mind for my design. Unfortunately, I did not get this project finished on time to submit for the Challenge. I had set it aside to work on the steady flow of mask orders that kept coming in, and before I knew it, time got away on me. I decided to finish the project anyway, and here it is. I call it "Queen of People's Hearts." As said in Princess Diana's own words, "I'd like to be a Queen of people's hearts."

This is a 20" x 20" wall quilt, pieced using raw edge appliqué, and a very simple stitch around the appliquéd pieces for the quilting.
My inspiration for this piece was based on the many memories I have from growing up in the era of seeing the Princess on TV and in the news all the time...watching her wedding was amazing, and seeing all the good she was doing for the people. She had so much love in her heart for everyone. I admired her so very much; she was beautiful inside and out. So my hope is for this quilt to be a reminder of the love she carried in her heart for everyone, and that she can be a positive influence on the world, even still today.

I do make other things too, but quilts just happen to be where my passion lies.
My favorite techniques are improv piecing and paper piecing, both of which I do a lot! I learned how to improv piece from Christa Watson's tutorials during an online QAL a few years ago. The quilt we made was called Facets, and it is pictured at the top of my blog.
I get a lot of requests for photo memory quilts, and love incorporating those techniques whenever possible as well.

Gina also enjoys designing and selling fabric! She creates bright, bold, fun, weird, and whacky fabric designs. Feel free to take a look at her 
Spoonflower shop
and check some of them out!


  • Tiffany Gibson Feb 05, 2021

    Beautiful work done bysuch a beautiful person. I always look to your work for inspiration.

  • Danni D.Feb 05, 2021

    I loved Princess Di as well and was heart-broken when she died. You did a wonderful job with your quilt as a tribute to her. I feel sure she would be so honored. I am glad you are a survivor and thank you from the bottom
    of my heart for sharing your story and quilt with us.

  • JudyFeb 03, 2021

    Love your quilt!! You did a great job!

  • DorothyFeb 02, 2021

    Lovely job on the quilt! I live in Brainerd Mn. I have enjoyed all of the Challenge Quilts from Cherrywood. You are a talented person. I would not know where to begin. Having Cherrywood Fabrics in my “backyard “ is a blessing. Karla and crew make the most beautiful hand died fabric. Congrats on finishing the project!

  • Gina KostonFeb 02, 2021

    I truly wish I could thank each of you individually for all the amazingly kind comments regarding my project! Just know that in my heart, I’m thanking you all!
    And I’m forever grateful to the Nancy’s Notions team who chose me and my project to be featured this month. I am so honored and humbled. THANK YOU!

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