Dec 01, 2020

December Featured Maker - Lynn S.

Just in Time for Christmas 

Your finished projects just keep coming (keep them coming. We love them!); more than I would have ever expected! All of your works were gorgeous, and though we loved all of them, we've decided our December Featured Maker is Lynn S. with her Christmas Tree Skirt.  

Because this project was a lot of hand embroidery, I must say my inspiration was COVID-19; What better time to take on a large project while we are all home. As an added bonus, Christmas was on its way!
Each block design is made of wool and completely hand stitched. I also hand stitched each wool design to the wool backing.
It’s the little details in the embroidery that really make this project special to me. I hope it remains in the family for many years to come.

Lynn's tree skirt is finished just in time for Christmas. Perfect timing for her to add that missing piece under the tree and to give the front room a little more holiday "oomph". You can see just how much detail she really added in her hand stitching.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your work with us this month. We have loved everything you are all sharing and we can't wait to see what more you come up with. We are excited for this Featured Maker program to continue and to see how we can expand and share what everyone is working on! 


  • Rhonda SmithDec 02, 2020

    I love your tree skirt with the many different designs. Did you use both applique and embroidery designs? Would it be okay for me to make something similar?

  • Julie WDec 02, 2020

    Lynn did a Beautiful job 😊 her family Will Enjoy it for Many years to come.

  • SheilaDec 02, 2020

    Beautiful. I do a lot of. Hand embroidered projects also so I know how much time, work, and love went into it.

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